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Naailah Auladin

Carnal Revivalist

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"Sexuality As Part Of A Holistic Life Balance"

Naailah is a Carnal Revivalist. She specialises in Human Sexualitity and its relationship to a holistic life balance. She initiated her career in this field in 2013 as a trained Crisis Counsellor for the Sexual Assault And Rape Crisis Centre of Peel Region in Canada. In 2020 during the COVID pandemic, she moved from Ontario to British Columbia in Canada researching along the way on how she can bring value to social issues we were facing at the time. She travelled and stayed in nine different cities in nine months to study, research and collect data on what solutions were needed in the world. She found out that since the pandemic, governments, companies, corporations and individuals have been increasing their awareness on the importance of mental health, which is greatly needed and appreciated. The one aspect of the human pie chart that requires more awareness and education is our sexualityand Naailah decided to specialise her teachings on the topic after researching the link between our sexuality and both our physical and mental health. Since then, she has been working one on one with individual clients, couples and families around the world to bridge the gap between sexual taboos and oversexualization and also teaches her clients the tools to bring overall balance in their life. Her approach is mostly based on logic. She is a Mauritian that is a digital nomad based in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. She has successfully been hosting multiple workshops internationally and speaks on international stages on the topic. Naailah is regularly a guest on different podcasts relating to sexuality, mental health, trauma, communication and consciousness.

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