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Bryan Talebi

CEO, "Ahura A.I."

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"A.I. for good"

Bryan Talebi is the CEO and Co-Founder of Ahura AI, an innovative AI leader who has developed a powerful platform that fosters true learning and skills knowledge, to positively impact the lives of companies and their workforces worldwide. Talebi’s leadership roles in startup endeavors including Southwestern, Zocdoc, Sols, Bizzabo, and Vestorly has equipped him to lead Ahura AI’s pioneering way to advance learning 3 x 5 times faster, recognizing that everyone learns at a different cadence and at their best with different formats of education. Along with innovation, Ahura AI’s vision is to embolden human purpose by creating technology to educate and position 10 times more of the world’s population to take on the most critical challenges in the 4th industrial revolution.

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